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About the company

The service is provided by Multifactor Kazakhstan LLP.


Our goal is to provide private web developers and businesses of any size with enterprise-class tools to protect their information systems.


Daniil Belyakov

Business Development Director, Partner.

Dan has been involved in business development and project management in IT companies for 9 years. He is convinced that the main skills of an effective team are listening carefully to the customers needs and solving their problems in a high quality manner, and the main product of tech company is the ultimate customer's success. He considers it his mission to put this into practice in MULTIFACTOR.

Daniil Belyakov


Phone: +7 727 339 69 16

Sales department:


NameLLP "Multifactor Kazakhstan (Multifactor Kazakhstan)"
Address050046 Kazakhstan, Almaty city, Bostandyk district, st. Egizbaeva, house 7/9