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Multi-factor authentication

MULTIFACTOR — two-factor authentication and access control system for any remote connection: RDP, VPN, VDI, SSH and others.

Convenient solution, reliable protection

Multifactor — multi-factor authentication system for websites, Linux servers, Windows servers, virtualization systems and clouds, Exchange, VPN, VDI and many corporate applications. Easily integrates into any process and authenticates your users using the most modern and secure authentication methods.


Reduces risks by 99%

Using a second factor of authentication, according to statistics, reduces the likelihood of hacking by 99%.

Reduces costs

Multifactor costs tens of times less compared to enterprise solutions and the cost of their implementation.

Works on the Zero Trust principle

Multifactor does not receive your users' passwords. Strengthens protection without creating new security risks.

Simply solves complex problems

Multifactor works across all possible access protocols: Radius, LDAP, SAML, OAuth, API without deploying a separate infrastructure.

Fast start

Your users will configure their own authentication the first time they log in. Without registering. Everything works in the browser, without installing plugins, drivers or third-party applications.


Different authentication methods

Mobile application, Telegram, biometrics, one-time code - you choose the available methods, and your users use the most convenient ones available.

Administrator's personal account

In your personal account you can manage users, settings, access objects and authentication methods.

Access Policy and Log

Multifactor provides the ability to flexibly configure your users' access policies based on roles, and all successful and unsuccessful access attempts will be recorded in a log available in the administrator's personal account.

With Multifactor you can

  • Strengthen the security of your data
  • Find out who, when and where access is accessed
  • Find out who is using access unauthorized, including former employees
  • Increase the loyalty of your users
  • Protect the processes of logging in, changing passwords, restoring access and other significant actions
  • Connect to your workplace using your fingerprint from your laptop

It's time to ensure safety

The average hacker is not the hacker that Interpol is looking for, but an ordinary employee of an organization who has been leaking personal, commercial and financial data to the outside world for years. He earns a little money, but the organization loses clients and partners and receives less profit. Are you sure this is not your organization?